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Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Director: Isokpehi, Raphael, Ph.D.


The mission of the center is to provide an academic environment for sustainable, internationally renowned research and education in bioinformatics and computational biology at Jackson State University. The goal of the center is to focus efforts at translating high-throughput biological data into solutions for health, agriculture and the environment The objectives of the center are to (1) conduct research in bioinformatics and computational biology with translational endpoints and (2) train students to become leaders in bioinformatics and computational biology.





  • Dell Dimension 9200C computer ( Computer )

    This CBCB resource is located within the Visual Analytics Resource Lab, Center of Excellence (Education) for Natural Disasters, Coastal Infrastructure and Emergency Management, Mississippi E-Center.

    Equipped with 6 Dell Dimension 9200c, Intel Core Duo Processor E6600 (4MB L2 Cache, 2.4GHz, 1066 FSB), these workstations are dedicated for teaching and research within the Bioinformatics and Computational Core Lab.

  • Dell OptiPlex 960 computer ( Computer )

    The laboratory is equipped with 30 Dell Optiplex 960 Desktop Computers (Intel Processor Core 2 Duo; 3GB SPRAM; S12 MB ATL Radeon HD4670m; 320 GB Hard Drive). It also has projection facilities.

    These dedicated workstations are available for teaching and research activities.

  • Dell PowerEdge 2050 server ( Computer server )

    Dell PowerEdge 2050 Dual processor Server running Linux with over 300GB. This is a dedicated server that allows users both internal and external access to bioinformatics applications.

  • Dell PowerEdge R410/PowerVault MD3000 servers ( Computer server )

    Dell PowerEdge R410/PowerVault MD3000 dedicated server that allows users to freely access (both internally and externally) and utilize bioinformatics applications.

  • Dell PowerVault MD3000 server ( Computer )

    PowerVault MD3000 with 3 x 1TB 7.2K RPM Near-Line SAS 3Gbps 3.5-in HotPlug Hard Drive.

    This dedicated server supports an existing collaboration between Jackson State University and The National Resource for Biomedical Supercomputing (NRSC), and allows investigators and students to utilize dedicated bioinformatics applications and databases that need high bandwidth.

Research Opportunities


  • Computational support ( Support service )

    The CBCB is able to support the computation aspects of a project's biological system mechanistics.

  • Computer/server access ( Access service )

    The center provides access to the servers and computers for researchers to conduct bioinformatics studies.

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