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Molecular Magnetic Resonance Core Laboratory

Director: Lee, Ken S., Ph.D.


The specific aims of the MMR are to: 1. Provide high field FT-NMR spectrometers for all RCMI investigators and other researchers who need structural determination tools in their research. High field NMR spectrometers are key instruments in organic chemistry including biomedical and environmental research. Two high field FT-NMR spectrometers in the MMR Core Facility are made available for JSU researchers and off-campus users. 2. To offer technical support to users who need to apply NMR technology in their research but lack expertise. The sophisticated technology in NMR spectroscopy will be available for organic chemists as well as novice users and researchers from the biomedical and environmental areas. The MMR Core facility will host numerous workshops for new users including faculty and new graduate students.





  • Bruker Avance 300 MHz NMR spectrometer ( NMR instrument )

    Accessories include:

    5mm BB Probe, which is for a normal bore magnet, with automated tuning and matching
    10mm BB Probe, which is for a normal bore magnet, with manual tunning and matching
    Computer (PC) (E62611)
    Printer HP Color Laserjet 4550N (E62579)
    UPC (E66277) With wide bore magnet

  • Bruker DPX 250MHz NMR spectrometer ( NMR instrument )

    Accessories include:

    5mm Probe BB Multi-nuclei with manual tuning and matching
    Computer (Silicone Graphics)
    Printer HP Deskjet 540 (E46951)

  • Bruker ER 041X electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer ( Electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer )


    N2 temperature Controller
    Current Control ER083CS
    EMX EPR spectrometer
    Cooling System
    Computer micronpc (E76369)

  • Varian 500/54/ASP 500MHz NMR spectrometer ( NMR instrument )

    Accessories include:

    UPC system
    One Probe with automated tunning and matching (BB)
    Micro-Probe with automated tunning and matching (BB)
    Low-Temperature Probe
    FTS System
    Computer and Monitor (Dell)
    Printer (HP Laserjet 4100)


  • NMR spectroscopy protocol ( Protocol )

    Unpaired electrons detector Protocol used to study biological processes, chemistry processes, material research, structural biology, quantum physics and medical research.



  • VnmrJ ( Software )

    Used for the 500MHZ Varian NMR Spectrometer. For registered users only.

  • WinEPR ( Software )

    Used for the EPR (Electron Paramagnetic Resonance) Spectrometer. Software is for registered users only.

  • XWIN-NMR ( Software )

    Software is for registered users only.

    Version 3.0 used for the 300MHz Bruker NMR Spectrometer.
    Version 1.3 used for the 250MHz Bruker NMR Spectrometer.

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