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RCMI Center for Environmental Health


The RCMI-Center for Environmental Health (CEH) is a vehicle whereby interdisciplinary research enhances our understanding of the basic mechanisms by which toxic substances compromise health is conducted. To accomplish this goal, the following objectives are addressed: (a) establishment of multi-user research core facilities; (b) faculty development and the enhancement of the Office of Research and Administration and; (c) implementation of several collaborative research projects. The projects supported by the center are:

* Toxicokinetics, Histopathology and Genotoxic Effects of Arsenic and Atrazine;
* The Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation on Cornea and Lens, Studies on Enzyme Activity and Gene Expression;
* Evaluation of DNA Photocleavage and Photo induced Toxicity of Fob/cyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons;
* Assessment of Alcohol and/ p-Nitrophenol as Risk Factors in the Development of Breast Cancer; and
*Computational Study on the Health Related Phenomena



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