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Molecular and Cellular Biology Core Laboratory

Director: Stevens, Jacqueline J., Ph.D.


The specific aims of the MCB Core Laboratory are: To provide a variety of services and technical support in molecular biology and DNA technology by offering equipment access, expert advice, demonstration of techniques, operation of equipment, participation in discussion and data interpretation, and hands-on-training in molecular biology and cell culture; to increase faculty training in recombinant DNA technology to strengthen faculty development and technology transfer; to provide a research environment and instrumentation for investigators to pursue biomedical research opportunities and enhance overall research productivity; to foster collaborative research relationships among RCMI investigators and other MCB core users at JSU and other research intensive institutions.






  • Cell culture services ( Material processing service )

    Subculture cells, cryopreservation of cell lines, viability assay, and assist in morphological characterization of cell cultures by microscopic analysis services.

  • Functional assays service ( Material analysis service )

    Cytotoxicity assay (MTT), [3H] thymidine incorporation Assay (non radiation), trypan blue exclusion assay, lipid peroxidation assay, apoptotic DNA laddering assay, comet single cell assay, flow cytometry analysis (FAC), annexin-V assay, caspase 3 assay, MAP kinase assay, Akt assay, cAMP assay services.

  • Genomics service ( Material analysis service )

    Nucleic acids isolation and purification, hybridization analysis of DNA/RNA, gel electrophoresis, Southern and Northern blotting, gene expression and detection, RT-PCR, fluorescent differential display-RT-PCR (FDDRT-PCR), genetic manipulations, subcloning, sequencing, plasmid DNA isolation and purification and gene transformation services.

  • Proteomics services ( Material analysis service )

    Protein isolation, blotting and hybridization, Western blotting, immunoblotting and immunoprecipitation, protein determination assays, microsome preparation, amino acid analysis, column chromatography (CM, DEAE and HPLC) and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) services.

  • Stress enzyme analysis ( Material analysis service )

    Measurement of stress-related enzymes (TNF alpha, GM-CFS and IL1β)


  • CEQ 8000 Genetic Analysis System software ( Software )

    Software used by the CEQ 8000 DNA sequencer.

  • Image Lab ( Software )

    Used with the Bio-Rad molecular imager gel documentation system for densitometry analysis.

  • IQ Solutions ( Software )

    Typhoon 9400 Imager variable mode used by phosphorimager. For images from fluorescence labeled samples.

  • Primer Express ( Software )

    Used to design primers for application on the StepOne RT-PCR system.

  • QCapture Software ( Software )

    Used to run the Olympus Inverted Fluorescence Microscope.

  • Spot Insight Software ( Software )

    Used to run the Olumpus Inverted Microscope.

  • StepOne Software ( Software )

    Used to operate the StepOne RT-PCR system.

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