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Bioanalytical Chemistry Laboratory


Our research is focused on method development for the quantification of chemical species of biomedical interest. The research involves the use of a wide range of modern analytical instruments including HPLC-MS/MS, laser induced fluorescence spectrometry, and GC-MS.





  • Agilent CE-UV ( Capillary electrophoresis instrument )

    "CE with UV detection is appropriate for the quantitation of analytes yielding chromophores, as shown for the analysis of tablets containing amphetamines."

  • Coherent Innova 300 FreD Ion Argon Laser System ( Irradiation system )

    "The Innova® 300 FRED™, using the technique of intracavity frequency-doubling (second harmonic generation) with b-Barium Borate (BBO), produces continuous wave (cw) laser light in the 229.0 to 264.3 nm region. Output is provided at six different wavelengths in this deep-UV region, with specified output powers up to 100 mW."

  • HPLC-UV/FL System ( High performance liquid chromatography instrument )

  • LS 50B Luminescence spectrometer ( Plate luminometer )

    "Sources for the PerkinElmer Luminescence Spectrometers are pulsed Xenon discharge lamps (7.3 W average power at 50 Hz). This reliable source produces very little ozone or heat but provides remarkable sensitivity due to its peak intensity exceeding 1 KW! On most LS Series instruments the detector electronics are controlled so that delay and gate time can be varied to measure phosphorescence between source pulses."

  • Microdialysis sampling system ( Dialysis system )


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